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What’s the most obscure film you’ve cried at?

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Recently I bothered family and friends to tell me what’s the weirdest film they’ve shed a tear to.

Here’s a sneak peek – you can read the rest of the article at Yap Magazine (a new, online platform for young creatives):

Summer Watson (20) – Jaws

When I was about four years old, my grandma let my sister and I watch Jaws. My grandma was (and still is) a huge film fan, so this was a regular occurrence. We’d watch all sorts with her, from The Terminator to The Mask. We loved it.

Now, it’s worth knowing, I was a bit of a crier anyway when I was younger. Some might have described me as oversensitive. But I like to think I was just in touch with my emotions more than others…


We’re near the end of Jaws and this huge, hungry, toothy mother fucker has eaten its way through countless innocent people – literally ripped them apart. But when Chief Brody shoves his scuba tank into its mouth, shoots the tank with a rifle and blow the shark to smithereens, I cried like a baby.

So at this point, my sister is disgusted with me: it needed to die! It would have eaten him too! And through my tears I managed: it didn’t know what it was doing – it was hungry!

My love for ‘bad boy’ sharks was so bad, it started to affect my day-to-day life as a four-year-old – I started to ‘save’ sweets in the pick n mix stand that were shaped like animals. Our family fridge was filled with jelly dolphins and gold bears, something that infuriated everyone else.

It was at this point I realised I was hyper-sensitive to any form of cruelty to animals. Not a crazy thing to be sensitive too, granted. But I was rooting for the animals even when they were the bad guys.

Similarly, I cried when the T-Rex was eventually taken down by the raptors in Jurassic Park. I cried over King Kong after he’d destroyed New York.

Now I can’t watch any films with animals in, just in case. And do you know how many films there are with animals in?

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