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Waiting with a Killer review and Q&A

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Coming just over a year after his brilliant short documentary 61 Hugs: The Rehabilitation of an Over Thinker, CK Goldiing brings yet another doc to the world. One that carries multiple similarities yet remains incredibly different from the one that came before.

CK carries his camera with him at all times and appears to capture every moment of his life through a lens. In this style, CK takes a DIY approach to documentary film-making that allows him to capture the most beautiful and bizarre moments life has to offer. Even when the sound or picture isn’t of the highest quality, the content is.

Waiting with a Killer follows CK around Los Angeles. In between meeting fans of his work and a cute waitress, CK finds himself sitting next to a killer on a bus ride. Too good not to capture, CK urges the killer, Matthew, to talk more about his life, attitudes and the murder. The interview that follows is a cocktail of intrigue, humour and intensity. CK’s composure throughout rivals that of the most famous documentarians such as Louis Theroux. Keeping a level head while still pushing for more detail and asking the toughest questions. All of which lead to better answers and an overall better interview.

Despite the title and run time given to the interview portion of the documentary, the film isn’t about the killer. It’s about CK and his time in the states. It just so happens that during this time, he had a very special encounter with Matthew. Similar to 61 Hugs, CK is extremely honest throughout the doc, putting himself out there for the whole world to see.

Crafting wonderful films such as Waiting with a Killer and 61 Hugs solidifies CK Goldiing as a great up-and-coming documentarian, one whom everyone should keep an eye on. Without a doubt, CK will continue to capture and create wonderful movies and we won’t be surprised to see his fan base grow larger over the next few years. 

Rating – ★★★★☆


Q: Throughout your interview with Mathew, was there any point that you doubted the honesty of what he was telling you?

A: Honestly? No. Obviously, as we spoke, his story was unlike any other I’ve encountered on a man-to-man basis, but the level of detail with which he shared it added credibility. Humans love looking for problems, so it wasn’t until days later that I reflected on his story and started looking for plot holes. I couldn’t find any and I’ve relived our talk many, many times. The fact I can’t find any plot holes doesn’t mean there aren’t any, of course. I don’t know – some people have watched the documentary and cite his behaviour as that of a drug user, thus undermining his credibility. I have no definitive proof that he is a drug abuser, but even if he is, as one person pointed out, who’s to say that his drug abuse isn’t a direct result of a traumatic background? To conclude, Waiting With A Killer is not a presentation of facts, it’s a presentation of two men meeting and talking. I’m perfectly satisfied with the ambiguity that brings. 

Q: You appear to keep a level head and an unbiased opinion throughout your talk with Mathew. Did you feel any different on the inside?

A: Until you asked me this, I hadn’t even noticed that during my time with Mathew, my moral opinions were eerily absent. That wasn’t a conscious decision, it’s more a case that I was utterly compelled by what he was telling me. My opinions, in contrast, didn’t interest me in the least.

Q: Did you feel nervous or afraid at any point during the interview?

A: I didn’t. Bare in mind that for the last five years, I have filmed content involving me spontaneously interacting with strangers. In all instances, the outcome has been positive. Now, that isn’t to say that it couldn’t all go hideously wrong in a second, but the human mind makes decisions based on experience and habit patterns. When I meet a man who says he killed someone, I would argue that my brain is thinking, “Um, say what? Sit and talk to this guy, CK – he might have a fascinating story, you know, like all the other people you’ve filmed” rather than, “Leave, run, go buy tacos – this guy is a whack job.”

Q: The film closes on you meeting Mathew again by chance. What happened after you turned off the camera?

A: Matthew faded into the night. I went to bed. We would never meet again.

Q: Are you still in touch with Matthew?

A: No, which annoys me. He gave me permission to publish our talk, but I would delight in hearing his thoughts on the documentary. I took his email address after we spoke, but to my lasting horror, I didn’t press ‘save’ on my notes app. You couldn’t make that shit up.

Q:Bit of a nice, personal, question to end things on, CK. How did your date go with Erin?

Erin and I are going to date, worry not, I mean, look at her magnificent hair, for god’s sake! Too cute.

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