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The Female Gaze: interviews with women in film

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I was lucky enough to be asked by fellow #FilmTwitter member, Chris Watt to be part of his latest series for Flickfeast: The Female Gaze.

Here’s a sneak peek at the questions I was asked:

Q. What qualities do you think make a good film critic?

Be honest – if you did or didn’t like something explain why. If it was bad, why? If it was amazing, why? As a critic I don’t think you should shy away from a strong opinion. Of course, you’ve got to explain why, there’s no use in being negative or insulting. Be constructive.

Make it personal – I know some critics hate this, but I think it’s crucial to get your point across. It makes it relatable. If it reminded you of your childhood, mention it. If made you think of a particular bad time in your life (if you can), write it down.

Try to find a different angle – that’s not to say you have to change what you thought about it. But if everyone is focusing on one thing, what could you talk about to make it different? It’ll make your writing stand out and force others to think outside the box too.

Q. Do you have a process when you write? For example, do you prefer a deadline or no pressure?

I need a deadline. If there isn’t one I set one for myself. Otherwise life will get in the way – and I’ll let it. I usually find writing in the morning at the weekends works best for me.

Read the full article here.

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