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Stranger Things announces season 3 episode titles

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After months of radio silence (like Mike trying to contact Eleven), the Stranger Things team have finally given fans what we want: episode titles for season three.

But, excitement soon turned to speculation (who the hECK is Suzie?). Some episodes are easier to predict than others – we know there’s going to be an epic showdown in the Starcourt Mall. But others are as vague as they can be.

Of course, I went through each title and shared my theories:


Although a little bit closer to season three, episodes titles are open to change (a few of season two episodes titles were different by the time it aired) and we’re still no closer to pin-pointing a date.

So in short… Summer 2019 can’t come quick enough.

What do you think? Do you have similar theories or something totally different? Let’s talk @shazzzzakhan.

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