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Stranger Things 3 trailer: thoughts and theories

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Stranger Things fans were treated this week with a trailer for the upcoming third season (released on Netflix 4th July 2019). And it didn’t disappoint.

In case you missed it…

So obviously, we pulled it apart and came up with thoughts, theories and everything in between. Here’s what we think:

Dustin’s spent some time at ‘Camp Know Where’

From his outfit and the ‘Welcome home!’ banner, it’s not hard to deicpher that Dustin’s been away from his friends for a while. Our guess would be at a science camp. But why just Dustin?

This seems like a big deal for him as throughout the trailer, it seems everyone has grown up and moved on but Dustin’s been left behind.

Maybe this means Dustin will be more of a central character?

Will is still not ok

As always, Will only features briefly in the trailer. But what we do see of him suggests he’s still struggling.

We see him in just one main shot and he’s profusely sweating while staring at an old photo of him and his friends – will he ever be the same again?

The costumes are better than ever

As the cast are growing up, their style gets even better:

  • the floral shirts are priceless
  • Nancy’s dress/make-up are to die for
  • the prints are so eighties it hurts
  • everyone’s hair is on point

Impeccable music choices

The Duffer Brothers are known for brilliant soundtracks. (I took the opportunity to make a playlist of every piece of music featured throughout ST):

In the trailer, Dustin blares out Mötley Crüe’s 1985 track, Home Sweet Home, reinforcing he’s been away for a while. Also remixed throughout the trailer is The Who’s 1971 single Baba O’Riley – the ultimate coming-of-age track.

Billy could be the monster

Billy is showering when something starts to spread in his veins. Near the end of the trailer we see a huge, ugly monster that would have a demogorgon trembling in its boots – could this be Billy?

How has he been infected? Is it something to do with the pool? Don’t forget there’s an episode called The Bite, too.

Mrs Wheeler to the rescue?

THAT LOOK AT BILLY IS THE BEST PART OF THIS TRAILER. I want more from these two and I have a sneaking suspicion Mrs Wheeler will help save Billy if he is in danger. And no one else can stand him.

Jopper on a date?

Hopper sitting on his own while seemingly at a dinner date for two is breaking our hearts! Will they ever be a thing? Did Joyce get cold feet? With so much in common and everything that’s happened, it makes sense for the pair to be together.

In the trailer Hopper is heard saying:

“It is important to me that you feel safe. I want you to feel like this can still be your home.”

Is he convincing Joyce not to leave? Is that why Will is staring forlornly at a photo of his friends?

Max and El are gal pals!

It looks like Max has taken El under her wing and is giving her the ultimate teenage girl experience: trips to the mall, makeovers, make-up, clothes and dancing in your room with a hairbrush.

After season two hinted at a jealousy angle (way too predictable), I’m really pleased the pair are besties.

Hakwins is under threat (again)

But it’s not just monsters that are threatening to destroy the town. In a brief glimpse we see a protest happening outside the town hall with people holding banners that say:

“MAYOR SWINE!” (a play on Mayor Kline)


What’s happening in the real world? Is the upside down the cause of it? Or is it just in protest against the new Starcourt mall? With an episode called The Battle of Starcourt, maybe the residents will get their wish of getting rid of the new mall…

Steve *could* die

As much as this kills me, all signs point to Steve departing the show.

There’s a shot of someone administering some form of drug into his neck! And he’s right in the heart of the action and we know from past seasons, he’s willing to put himself before the kids. Plus we haven’t lost a central character yet…

The 80s film references are rife

Here’s what we spotted:

  • Erica crawling through the air vents much like John McClane in Die Hard
  • the mystery gunman in the house of mirrors moves and looks like Robocop
  • the guy with a black leather jacket and huge gun? Total Terminator vibes
  • Eleven and Max posing in bright colours and scrunchies looks like a reference to Desperately Seeking Susan

Nancy and Jonathan are still behind-the-scenes

Pictured waiting in the offices of the Hakwins Post, are Nancy and Jonathan still trying to alert the press? Interestingly there’s a short shot of Murray Bauman (the private investigator) , which suggests N&J are still working together to raise the profile of the weird happenings in Hawkins.

Did you spot anything else in the trailer? Do you have wild theories? Talk to us about it on Twitter @flick_whatUK.

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