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Ready or Not: a fun satanic romp

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We all know the rich live different lives. We all hear rumours about what they can get up to – there are even stories about doing deals with the devil. But few of us get to marry into all that fun stuff. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Samara Weavings Grace, she’s doing just that. She’s marrying into the family of a huge board game and sports business, although they prefer ‘dominion’. It isn’t until the wedding night that the fortune of the situation shifts rather dramatically. 

As has been a tradition for new family members, upon drawing a card, you have to play the game you’re assigned and that’s that. Could be chess, backgammon, could be hide and seek. All they have to do is play the game they’ve picked, easy as that. 

Of course, without giving too much away, it’s never that easy and Ready or Not he film soon spirals into a gore-filled, dark comedy that is, considering the premise, a bit of fun. 

Sam Weaving is great as the dorky, awkward, ‘say it how she sees it’ lead with a lovely return of Adam Brody and Andie McDowell as the future brother and mother-in-law, respectively. 

The film is littered with laughs that help cut through the suspense. Nuanced moments help play key parts in creating the intense atmosphere that showcases the rich as insane, immoral and stupid, but hilarious all at the same time. 

The cast, bar the aforementioned, are relatively unknown by my standards, yet offer this feeling of a comedic ensemble, living their roles and committing to the soulless disposal of anyone who may threaten their family, while becoming so sheltered in their lives that they’re utterly inept at the entire process. 

I heard more laughs in this film than the last five ‘comedies’ I’ve seen and it’s really more of a gory thriller than a horror. So if you want to go and someone thinks it’ll be too scary, go with that tactic instead, it’s not the jump scare nonsense. 

All in all, it’s a bloody fun, succinct film, so aware of itself that it thought of everything, although some more observant will still poke holes. 

4/5, thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve loved Sam Weaving since the Home and Away days so it’s great to see her continuing to make a name for herself on the big screen while not cracking on her soon to be iconic comedic style.

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