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October horror movie marathon: The Guest

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Before you delve into this review, be sure to take a look at the rest of the Halloween marathon!

The Guest

Released in 2014, The Guest is directed by Adam Wingard – his first feature after his 2011 hit, You’re Next

The Guest follows the Peterson family who finds themselves playing host to David Collins (played by the ever-charming Dan Stevens), an ex-soldier who claims to have been friends with their son and fallen soldier, Caleb. The longer David stays, the stranger things get and the more suspicious Anna Peterson (Maika Monroe) gets.

It’s similar to another 2014 brilliant horror – David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows. Both films borrow heavily from films of the 80s and create timeless worlds for their characters to live in. The overall idea for It Follows is the better idea of the two, but The Guest presents an exciting blend of genres, combining horror and action. It’s like Commando meets Halloween.

Dan Stevens puts in his best performance in his role of David Collins. Completely charming and totally irresistible. The performances from Maika Monroe and Brendan Meyer are also done well, but Stevens steals the show.

Wingard does a brilliant job at the head of it all. The neon-soaked, synth-driven world he creates makes for a wonderful backdrop in which the story plays out, allowing for the most over-the-top moments to fit in undetected. Completely matching the tone of the movie. 

It’s perhaps the soundtrack that best encapsulates the film, however. Tracks like Because I Love You by Stevie B and Hourglass by S U R V I V E perfectly mirror the pace, energy and overall vibe of the film within their few minutes of run time.

With The Guest, Wingard manages to drain both the action and horror genres of their greatest hits and blend them into the high octane cocktail it is. It’s fun, silly, and most importantly, it’s a great time. 

Rating = 4/5

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