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October horror movie marathon: The Beast Within

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The Beast Within 

Over the years of my scary movie marathons each October, one movie I find myself hovering over Netflix’s The Beast Within. Every time I find myself intrigued by the poster, in which the film’s protagonist is silhouetted turning into a monster. Its premise is: a young teenager finds himself turning into a monster after his conception through a sexual assault on his mother years earlier. A little graphic, but no doubt an intriguing plot that takes the idea of a teenage boy becoming a monster and creating a new ideology behind it.

Finally deciding to watch it after years of putting it off, I came across its critical reception from its release. With a premise as good as it had and a poster so eye-catching, I was curious as to how it could be reviewed so negatively.

As the movie started, I was made even more curious as to how it was regarded so badly. The setting, the idea and set-up were all done very well. The acting was especially good and the slow build-up to the main character Michael (Paul Clemens) turning into the beast was rather well done – not amazing but good enough to warrant more than 11% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

It’s when Michael begins to get more screen time that that percentage starts to make more sense. It seems impossible but one man’s presence on screen seems to cause the crumbling of quality from everyone else involved. 

Not only does Michael’s acting become painfully bad, but the directing is appalling (shout out to the beef squashing scene). The whole thing looks like a TV movie and is scripted like one too. 

When the moment finally comes and Michael transforms into the beast (the moment the whole audience has been waiting for) it looks more like Citizen Kane than An American Werewolf in London. A genuinely hideous piece of special effects that will make your eyes water.

The Beast Within is a questionable addition to horror cinema, one that’s best kept in the darkest corners of Netflix where once every year, some kid like me will find it and hate it.

Rating = 1/5

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