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October horror movie marathon: Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II


October horror movie marathon: Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

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Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

Originally intended to be a standalone feature, Hello Mary Lou renamed itself Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II to cash in on the success of the original 1980s slasher flick Prom Night.  

The ultimate sign of a bad movie. 

Not only is it a cheap cash grab, but it’s almost an admission of guilt that the filmmakers were essentially stealing the idea of the original movie, but changed it enough to make it their own. Even worse, the film went through reshoots to connect the movie to the first, so clearly they had very little confidence in their own film, so much so that doing reshoots was easier than just releasing the film and letting it stand on its own two feet.

The film takes an alternative route from the first, going for a supernatural horror this time instead of a slasher. It’s a good idea and an interesting way to take it, but it’s soiled by the clear cash grab of adding itself to the Prom Night franchise. 

Whereas the first movie had a lot of interesting ideas but fell short of doing anything good with them, this sequel has the same problem, but much, much worse. The supernatural angle is the first hint of something good, but besides the idea itself there’s nothing really there. The second hint is the storyline of the school principal which probably hosts some of the best moments. 

The movie opens in 1957. Mary Lou attends prom with Bill Nordham but is revealed to be cheating on him with Buddy Cooper. In a fit of rage, Billy decides to get revenge with a firecracker, embarrassing her the moment she’s crowned prom queen. The prank goes awry and the firecracker catches fire to Mary Lou’s dress, leading to her being burned alive. Thirty years later, Mary Lou is back for revenge.

Mary Lou possesses Vicki Carpenter’s body and Vicki changes for the worse. She starts… chewing gum! That’s right. The transformation of Vicki turning in to the evil killer of the movie is shown by her… chewing gum. 

From there on in, it’s clear the audience is in for a terrible ride. The first movie may have been a huge disappointment for how mediocre it came out, but Hello Mary Lou is simply god awful. Almost nothing is good about the movie. The storyline involving the principal is ok and there’s one extremely wonderful kill including a bunch of school lockers, but besides that there’s nothing going for it. It looks cheap and it feels cheaper. Terrible acting, worse directing and some truly awful makeup. The movie would surely be a great time to watch with a group of friends, but sadly I was both alone and unsuspecting. 

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II is up there with not only the worst horror movies ever made, but the worst movies in general.

Rating = 1/2 flicks

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