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October horror movie marathon: Countdown

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With each decade, there’s been a new brand of dumb horror that makes teens pack out theatres all over the world – the 2010s have been no different. Today’s horror buffs may complain and state that such cheap, poorly made horror doesn’t deserve the money, attention or praise. But this is hardly a new concept, having happened in the past with beach party movies, slasher flicks and throughout the 2000s, apparently, movies that had about two hundred sequels per franchise (here’s looking at you Saw). 

So it should come as no surprise that the latest addition to such dumb fun horror would follow a killer app. Because teenagers just love their god damned apps so much!

Countdown follows a group of young people who download an app that tells them when they’ll die. The teens must cheat death to survive and beat the app (basically Final Destination with phones). 

Elizabeth Lail stars as the lead character Quinn Harris, a young nurse. Lail puts in a pretty solid performance and to be honest, nobody really puts in a bad performance. Mainly everyone involved puts in something serviceable. Not terrible, but nothing amazing. Just enough to get by. 

It’s the script that really runs down any chances of the film being any good. The idea is bad enough, but Justin Dec (also the film’s director) really drives the point home, creating some of the most terribly boring and uninventive scares the horror world has seen over the last twenty years. It has its moments, but mainly in brutal deaths and hilarious scenes (some of which are most definitely not supposed to be funny). 

Dec as the director is equally as bland. Despite Countdown being his feature film debut, it comes across as though he could not have cared any less for the film. 

Countdown is your typical modern dumb horror film. Admittedly, it’s not as bad as the trailer makes it out to be, but overall it’s as lazy and predictable as one would assume.

Rating = 1/5

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