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Let’s Roll review: short and sweet

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Let’s Roll is a short film written by Allan Macleod, directed by Chris Thomas which debuted at the Edinburgh International Film Festival earlier this year. The short follows Antonia as she defies her mother’s wishes by training for her town’s tradition of the ‘cheese roll’ – a unique story if ever there was one. 

It starts off with the arrest of lead character Antonio due to shoplifting and the reveal of a less than happy, even neglectful, home life. The opening really takes its time, subtly introducing the story, all the while the eccentricity of the plot lies quietly in the background, leading the tone and overall story.

The work of Lee and Chris Thomas Truly elevate the film’s quality in their respective areas of cinematography and directing, and for the most part, the acting is also very good.

Let’s Roll is exceptional by many standards, including: cinematography, set design and directing. I’m looking forward to seeing how Chris Thomas develops his filmography.

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