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Insidious – The Last Key review: we always find a way to blame others


Insidious – The Last Key review: we always find a way to blame others

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The Insidious franchise continues with a sequel/prequel type outing, set in a creepy house in the 50s.

Young girl, Elise, can see ghosts – a gift that allows her to scare her brother and herself over and over again. But is it just ghosts and ghouls inhabiting their home?

Years later we catch up with Elise, now older, running a ghost patrol company with two complete and utter tools: specs and mullet. I assume these two are meant to be the comic relief but it just falls flat.

Elise gets a call from a very nervous man suspecting that his house is haunted. Quickly she realises that it’s the house she escaped from way back when and sees it as her duty to return – because only good can come of it, right?

It’s exactly what you expect from yet another horror franchise, lazy twists, plot holes and a muddled ending rendering any almost fresh ideas redundant. Elise (young and old), puts in a good shift. However, people are usually pretty weathered when they’re living with the afterlife, yet she seems to get confused and scared an awful lot for someone who should be used to it by now.

This recent instalment of a once promising franchise is exactly what you want, if your bar is set super low. There are cheap jump scares and an attempt at the deeper meanings in life but it misses the mark by a mile. I’ll give it 2 flicks.

The shock? The fact that the two comic characters are even classed as comic characters.

The let down? The final scenes become a button-bashing boss level.

Audience rating? Only noise came from people giggling during the jump scares.

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