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The Game of Thrones teaser trailer is here!

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OMFG! It’s almost back!

The Game of Thrones teaser trailer for its eighth and final season has been released. 54 seconds of sneaky insight into the enthralling land of Westeros and it’s… ok.

There’s some icy fog crawling over something. And ooh, ooh, there’s a direwolf, but it’s a model. I get it, it’s the table of Westeros. The ice continues to envelop the land, representative of the White Walkers and their army marching south, that much is obvious.

And then it really gets going – some fire! Daenerys and her dragons, surely there’ll be some actual clips though, there’s still half a minute left. The ice and fire clash, which we already knew would be the focus of the next season. Then the Game of Thrones text flashes up, then the HBO logo, then fifteen seconds of absolutely fuck all.

As teaser trailers go, it’s underwhelming to say the least, merely explaining what fans already know without any actual dialogue. Even some audio clips would make this acceptable. But I still got a semi over it. And it seems everyone else did too:

There are still four months to go before the final of GOT – I think I might hibernate until then.

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