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Did you spot this in HBO’s Watchmen?

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*Very minor spoiler*

Blink and you’ll miss it, but if you didn’t, you surely winced instead. In episode three of HBO’s Watchmen’s first (and hopefully not last) season, a character with a past, personal connection to Dr. Manhattan unveils something of a jaw-breaking surprise.

Dr. Manhattan, the blue superhuman who casts a long shadow over the show has long been absent at this point, both on earth and in Laurie Blake’s heart. Lonely and away from home, FBI agent Laurie, slips back to her motel room and reaches for an official-looking briefcase, only to unload a huge, metallic shaft.

Is it a chemical agent? A message from the man on Mars? 

When she attaches a similarly blue, gigantic set of balls, it’s pretty obvious where this ‘government secret’ is destined for.

As the reality sets in of what the show is bracing you for, the eyes water at the forthcoming vaginal magic. Wow, Watchmen, wow. Women birth children, yes, but has anyone ever had to be anaesthetised for a wank?

Read Vice’s article about the huge, blue dildo in greater detail, should that be your thing…

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  1. […] At time of writing this, the show (put together by Damon Lindelof: Lost, The Leftovers) is six episodes into nine of the first season. It’s gathering pace nicely, too. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen any yet, I aim to give a taste of the experience rather than a breakdown. And if you’re interested in some weird af trivia… found out more about that big, blue dildo. […]

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