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Deadwood returns!

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It’s definite! Deadwood is back from the… er, dead.

We’ve been cowed by repeated rumours of a return with no real substance – nothing to cling to, flailing for something in the choppy seas of internet rumours. Well, finally HBO has thrown not just a beacon of hope, but a lifeboat replete with Al Swearengen and his reasonably-priced ladies of the night.

Clearly, time has passed and not just in reality (the series last aired in 2006). Judging by the trailer, the filmmakers aren’t going to try and mask that, as Ian McShane approaches eighty, Timothy Olyphant is in his fifties and sadly, Powers Boothe and Ralph Richeson have died. Technology and government were tightening their grip around the town’s throat when we last saw them and the trailer suggests this may have become a more significant conflict than ever before.

Set for release 31st May this year, Deadwood is slated as a TV movie or an ‘HBO Films event’ as the trailer proclaims. It would be grandiose were it not for the fact that for Deadwood fans, this is an event. Not simply a feature-length episode of one of the best TV shows ever, but the end of the torture that preceded its eventual creation.

Deadwood fans: rejoice and enjoy the next month publicly losing your mind, distracted only by some dragon thing that’s on every Monday at 2am that you never manage to stay up for…

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