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Beautiful Boy review: sheer tedium

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Like most, I was knocked out by the trailer for Beautiful Boy. Whether it was the father/son relationship or the mini Office reunion of Steve Carell and Amy Ryan that pushed me over the edge, either way, I couldn’t wait for it. So, when I Screen Unseen at Odeon (which I highly recommend) picked Beautiful Boy, I was ecstatic.

Felix van Groeningen’s film follows the ups and downs (and even more downs) of a father trying to help and cope with his son’s drug addiction. Steve Carell hits from the start, a silver fox in a quarter zip who deserves the adorable son who is his ‘everything’ – not this Timothée Chalamet burn out.

Everyone puts in great performances, visceral in most cases, but it’s the sheer tedium of the film that makes it drag. Chalemet has every chance, more than any meth user has ever had and continually fails himself and everyone around him. Stunts in rehab, stunts in halfway houses, more rehab, getting his own pool house and he shits all over it and it’s infuriating.

But, is that that point?

Is the tedious nature of the film meant to drum up a conversation?

Is it meant to cause an argument in the car between you and your fiancé (one of which is more patient than the other)? She understands how sad Beautiful Boy is and the sheer difficulty to quit meth is what Groeningen is trying to display, but you think he’s just a spoilt white kid creating his own problems.

This definitely didn’t happen on my drive home…

Either way, it’s made well, it’s got cracking actors and if it was made to raise awareness for the conditions people find themselves in, then go see it.

I’ll give it a 3.5/5 because I just wanted to slap Chalamet – the most overtly sexy drug-using bastard to exist.

Audience rating: One guy fell asleep and was extremely embarrassed when his lovely wife nudged him to wake him from his snores.

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