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Aquaman review: what are DC doing?

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Right, we all know the plot, we saw him in Justice League and now he’s back on his own solo project, an origin story even though we’ve met him already.

Aquaman follows the story of Arthur and how he came to be Aquaman and the potential path that’s laid out ahead of him however, since his mother’s death, he wants nothing to do with Atlantis. And it takes Amber Heard in a bad red wig to bring him down to the ocean floor.

In a very Thor way, we’re introduced to the history of Atlantis in the build-up to the king of the ocean Aquaman could be, there’s talk of realms and pacts and blah, blah, blah and I’m all for a backstory, but a good hour of the film was used to describe who’s who and why things were in THE laziest storytelling I’ve seen in a while.

I don’t think, in the scope of it, DC know its brand at all, they take on too much try to throw all the backstory at it until it just feels like you’re slugging through boss level after boss level on a game you’ve played before.

It seemed like DC want to go dark with it all, this run of edgy superheroes: Suicide Squad and Justice League, but with that should come more realism in the darkness – if someone gets stabbed, they bleed, if a boulder falls on someone – splat. Commit to the theme.

Unlike Marvel, who started as a toy town fun-loving type film feel and transitioned to darker storylines as the franchise developed, DC has tried to jump straight in with it, trying to evoke emotion when none of us knows the character (film version) enough to really care.

What’s more, why can’t DC leave us guessing? I was practically bloated from the spoon fed narrative, it was tedious and merciless in its pursuit to make us love Aquaman and Jason Momoa, with such a try hard plea that ended up feeling desperate. Do the research and realise we all love Momoa, you don’t need to force it.

I truly feel let down by this film, I thought it would be the one that would lead DC in its new direction, find a balance of fun and excitement but instead, I couldn’t wait for the credits.

Audience rating: My dad fell asleep halfway through and thought it was a great film.

Really annoying bit: Stop CGI-ing faces DC. Cast a young guy as a young dad and an older guy as the older dad of Aquaman, put that money into better screenwriters.

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