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5 feminist anti-heroes we love

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Princess Leia, The Bride, Hermione Granger.

We’ve all got a favourite, bad-ass heroine. They’ve got the brains, weapons and bags of confidence.

But what about the anti-hero? What about the more unlikely heroines of film?

This one’s for them.

Marge Gunderson – Fargo

Police chief, Marge Gunderson, saves the day by simply doing her job – really, really well.

Introduced as Norm’s super pregnant, super placid wife (with an incredible ooh yah accent), we don’t expect Marge to single handedly solve the strange series of events unfolding in her town. But she does just that.

Now we know that being seven months pregnant doesn’t stop you from doing your job, but when you’re the police chief of a town that has bodies piling up by the day, Marge could’ve easily just put her feet up, gone on maternity leave, and let her team handle it. We love that Marge’s pregnancy isn’t the focal point of her character – yes, she’s motivated by her unborn child – but it’s her sheer determination, confidence and self belief that allows Marge to save the day.

Minny Jackson – The Help

Responsible for making the heinous Hilly Holbrook eat poop pie, Minny is orchestral in encouraging the other maids to write their stories for The Help.

This alone shows her extreme bravery – she manages to convince her friends and fellow maids (by using her ‘poop story’ as protection), to have trust in her and stand united together. Minny does all of this while experiencing domestic violence at the hands of her husband, but not once does she let this stifle her dreams. She fights back, supports her friends and stands up for what she believes in.

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