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1922 review: a return to classic King

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The good thing about having the flu and not stepping foot out of the house for over 48 hours?

Plenty of time to watch even more TV.

Taken from Stephen King’s novella featured in Full Dark No Stars, 1922 is classic King – murder, excessive gore and supernatural rats (!?).

When I found out Netflix was making an adaption, I speed-read through 1922 (at only 150 pages it’s a short but satisfying read), and watched the film minutes after finishing. After countless failed adaptations from King’s novels (A Good Marriage, Dream Catcher, The Mangler), 1922 is a modest success.

It’s no Misery or Shawshank Redemption, but it’s a worthy addition. But be warned, you might need to use subtitles – Wilf’s drawl is often hard to interpret.

My only issue? In his short story, King makes Arlette King insufferable. She’s an abusive drunk and has no regard for anyone but herself – obviously this doesn’t warrant being murdered. BUT. It would have been interesting to see her character on screen be just as awful. Instead we’re given a watered down Arlette and there isn’t enough fuel in the fire for us to really dislike her.

In contrast, we almost feel sorry for her. Without this dynamic between Arlette and Wilf it’s hard for us to be on Wilf’s side.

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